1995 Nissan Micra

Transmission problem
1995 Nissan Micra 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 13000 miles

I Bought A Nissan Micra Knowing It Needed A Bit Of Work,
The Clutch Was Slipping And There Was A Loud Grinding Noise, I took It To A well Known Clutch Replacement Center,
Who Had It For A day Then Phoned To Say They Had Replaced The Clutch, But The Gearbox Has Had It, They Said They Could Fit A recon gearbox That I Supplied For An Extra Cost, My Question Is Should They Not Have Realised The Gearbox Was Unusable Rather Than Fit A new Clutch " then" Phone Me. I would Probably Scrapped It. If I had Known.
August 19, 2009.

They could not have known untill test drove with new clutch installed

Dave H
Aug 30, 2009.