Nissan Maxima

I have 1996/Nissan Maxima/GLE/V6/3.0 Automatic Transmission/100K mileage.

Recently I am getting problem with My vehicle code error " P0500" (Vehicle Speed Sensor). 1st time my mechanic got in his meter codes are P0500 and P0600. At that time he changed my Vehicle speed sensor with new VSS.

After I drove my car for 3 days again I got check engine light. My mechanic checked again on his meter and got P0500 again. He Said he will findout solution. But He did get solution.

Please Auto Professionals help me on this.

When he was checked my car, meter has reading 1700RPM and 0 MPH
February 2, 2007.

Maybe it has another at the speedo head

Feb 7, 2007.
ABS warning lite comes on too. Most modern car even ford or other make use the abs sensors takes the reading and average out the speed to the speedo head which ras is right. Have ur mechanic chk all 4 abs sensors with known good wave form. Then chk the vss signal to the spdo head with an oscilliscope. Bet u anythinf the problem is between these area. We got kill for 3 days last year on a similar problem like this from a 00' maxima. Turn out to be a abd abs sensor and an abs ctrl module. But module cost around $800 so.
Customer decline. But sure like to see the end of ur problem fix just to get a real answer. So I can get this monkey off my mind

Kin chan
Feb 17, 2007.