2004 Nissan Maxima

Computer problem
2004 Nissan Maxima 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 75000 miles

Twice, when the engine has reached its maximum temperature, the transmission has become stuck in 5th gear (which I can tell after I stop and shift to the manual override). After it cools down and is restarted, it drops back to normal. The first time, a mechanic read the code " input speed sensor" (also called " turbine control" I think) and replaced it. Two days later, on the second time, the " traction control off" light came on. When checked, we got two codes, " camshaft position sensor A circuit (Bank 1 or Single Sensor)" and " engine cutback system on.&Quot; The codes were cleared, nothing else was done, and now it is running normal again. Two questions: 1) do I risk doing damage by driving it; 2) what needs to be done if it happens again? Many thanks, Mark
Mark Lanier
July 16, 2010.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the donation.

When the transmission is locked, prolong driving would damage the trans as the 5th gear is not meant to be driven at low speeds and for taking off.

When problem occurs, turn the engine off to allow the PCM to restart and if the gears shift normally, then no harm would occur.

If you have not erased the trouble codes, erase them and when the problem occurs, get the trouble codes retrieved and let me know the exact code so I can understand the problem.

Jul 16, 2010.
For KHLow2008: Thanks for your earlier reply. The codes are P0340 (camshaft position sensor) and C1130 (which I think is the ABS engine cut back system, but I also see on another list as the swirl control valve, which does not make much sense). I've had someone else tell me that it is the ABS control unit, but that shows on every list that I've seen as P1211. Can you help me make sense of that? Thanks again, Mark

Mark Lanier
Jul 18, 2010.
P0340 = Cam Position Sensor ( PHASE).

C1130 = Engine Signal 1. ECM judges the communication between the ABS/TCS control unit and ECM is abnormal.

CAN ( Controller Area Network) Communication System has to be checked.

P1211 = TCS control unit. ECM receives a malfunction information from the ABS actuator and electric unit ( control unit).

Possible causes are : 1. ABS actuator and electric unit( control unit)
2. TCS related parts.

From the above, seems you have a fault with the cam sensor which in turn is triggering the other codes.

Engine trouble code takes precedence over alll other codes so you need to get the cam sensor problem rectified first and retest.

Jul 19, 2010.