1997 Nissan Maxima

Engine Cooling problem
1997 Nissan Maxima 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 387000 miles

How to replace thermostat
November 27, 2009.

Drain coolant from drain plugs on both sides of cylinder block and radiator.
Remove water pump drain plug on pump side of cylinder block.
Remove lower radiator hose.

Remove water inlet and thermostat assembly.
NOTE: Do not disassemble water inlet and thermostat. Replace them as a unity it necessary.

Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
Install thermostat with jiggle valve facing upward.
After installation, run engine for a few minutes, and check for leaks.
Be careful not to spill coolant over engine compartment. Use a rag to absorb coolant.

Nov 28, 2009.