Nissan Frontier

I need to replace the knock sensor on a 2000 nissan frontrier 6 cyl, I found the sensor for about $148 if you know how I could get it cheaper I would greatly appreciate it.

if you could give me an idea how much it will cost to replace the sensor, im not real mechanically inclined but I may be willing to replace it my self if you can provide me with any info to help me.

thank you

Rob e
October 22, 2007.

Yes I would try a salvage yard to find the part or local junk y ard you can find them dirt cheap.

Oct 22, 2007.
Junk yard is a great place to find parts, but I wouldn't reccomend replacement parts that deal with the engine componants that are questionable unless you know what to look for.

If you do get one from a Junk yard make sure to test it prior to installing it. Chiltons manual says that if you run a Ohm reader set at 1k, and test the positive to ground on the sensor should get a reading of 100k to 600k for a good one.

I recently picked up a knock sensor for a Nissan Frontier at Pep boys for $117.00, so they are a good place to go to get parts. Now if you want them to replace it be prepared to shell out $400.00 and wait for about 4 hours. They have to remove the intake manifold to get to the sensor.

Hope this helps ya.
(I'm looking at tackling this job myself at an auto hobby shop.)

Oct 17, 2009.