2005 Nissan Frontier

Transmission problem
2005 Nissan Frontier 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 60000 miles

the book recommends drain and fill every 15K or flushing every 30k. This sounds ridiculous to me and very expensive. I never pull anything with this truck and generally always drive highway miles. With this kind of 'easy driving', can I assume 60K for a flush is okay? Joe
June 29, 2010.

Not sure what book you have, but the manufacturer does not recommend replacing ATF at 30k miles. Only inspecting it at that time. Should easiliy make 100k miles without needing service if you drive under normal conditions.

Jun 30, 2010.
It is the scheduled maintence book issued with the truck. The book states under premium service the transmission fluid should be replaced every 30k with an optional 'flush'.

Jul 1, 2010.
Oh okay, yes under Premium it would be. Since you don't tow though and i'm assuming you don't go offroading with it, there is no need in following the Premium schedule. You should follow the schedule labeled Normal.