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Hey everyone,
just found this forum whilst surfing the net and thought id ask a quick question. I own a mitsubishi lancer gli vrx 2003 model which has been done up. Ie turbo charged, lowered, evo 7 fibreglass body kit etc. Unfortunately I was involved in a bit of a cscrape the other day and I now have a series of rather nasty stress fractures on my front spoiler which is painted black and is made of fibreglass. I was just wondering, what exactly is a stress fracture (ie what exactly have I done to my car and how seroius is it) and also whether it can be repaired (and stay fixed) or whether ill have to get a whole new spoiler to get it back to its original condition. Thanks everyone.
December 11, 2006.

I would guess that is depends on the depth of the stress fractures. Is the spoiler metal based with fiberglass exterior or all fiberglass? Reason I ask is that if it has a metal core and it is cracked you would probably need to either fix the crack with a weld or a braze.

My uncle has dealt with fiberglass repairs his entire life and I have picked up on a number of things from him. The fiberglass is very repairable but you and looking at doing more than filling a number of crack in. You would need to grind out a big area around the cracking, reinforce with a screening and then repair with a fiberglass filler. Highly doable project, rather inexpensive but the result would need to be painted.

Bruce Hunt
Dec 11, 2006.
Ahh ok thanks : ) the spoiler is just fibreglass, no metal im pretty sure. Would I need to go to a special firbeglass worker or would a regular panel beater do?

Dec 12, 2006.