1995 Mitsubishi Mirage

Engine Performance problem
1995 Mitsubishi Mirage 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

Thought battery dead when trying to start car. (Never had trouble starting it during 15 years I've had it; it has 154,000 miles on it). Jumper cables didn't start it. Finally got it started--very weak, but when I put it in gear and pressed the accelerator, the car died. Tried it many times with same result. Happened suddenly.

What do you think is wrong? Obviously, the gas isn't getting to the engine, right?
August 1, 2009.

Hi lduke3,

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Need some clarification to understand the problem better.

Did the battery went flat out in the first place?
If the battery had been drained completely, the ECM would have to relearn itself failing which it would stall.

After restarting, does it run during idle?

When trying to start with jumper, if cable capacity is low or not secured correctly, you might have difficulty trying to crank the engine.

Aug 1, 2009.
I got it to a mechanic yesterday, who suspects that it needs a new " air (flow?) Manifold.&Quot; He cleaned it well and got the car running. He said he was going to drive it around to see if the manifold was the problem. If so, he will replace it.

I looked for that part online, but got only something called the " air mass meter.&Quot; Have you heard of an air manifold for (1995) Mitsubishi Mirage?

When I managed to start it, it idled pitifully and pressing the accelerator even gently killed the engine.

I think the battery is fine. When I did start it finally, it was without the jumper cables. I checked to be sure the cables were attached properly, and they looked fine.

Aug 4, 2009.
I believe it is the Air Flow Sensor ( MAF ) that is being referred to. If it is the cause, cleaning might not last. If there are any vacumn leakages between the MAF and throttle body, it would cause stalling and difficult starting as well.

The other possible fault would be the MAP sensor.

Were any trouble codes retrieved?

Aug 4, 2009.