2002 Mitsubishi Galant

Interior problem
2002 Mitsubishi Galant 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 98000 miles

My 02 Galant Ls has developed a serious leak in the past few days. The passangers side floor is getting soaked everytime it rains. Not just damp, but with small puddles in the front and back. I am 100% positive it is not coming from the sunroof, windows, doors or winshield, as their seals are air tight and not wet. Its raining again, and I really could use some help. I know virtually nothing about cars, except that I get rapped everytime I take it to the dealership. If you could help I'd really appreciate it.
Stevie Miller
October 27, 2009.

I have fixed a problem like yours on my wife car last spring.
The passenger side get soacked anytime it rains.
To find where the water is entering to the passenger side, you have to remove the carpet where the feet rest, open the hood, look for any passage where the wiring harness from the engine enter the Bulkhead and to the computer under the dash on passenger side.
Sometime it located close to the right windshield wiper arm( passenger side)the plastic cover where the windshield arm is need to be removed to see where the wires enter the bulhead and to the passenger side.
Where the wires enter the bulkead, the seal is made of rubber. That rubber split sometime because of heat and when it rains, the rain get to the passenger side.
Simulate the rain: pour lot of water on the windshield
with carpet removed, look under the dash passenger side, you will see exactly where the water is driping down and going under your carpet.

Oct 27, 2009.
Is this still the way to fix the issue if the water is mostly affecting the back passangers seat? I have discovered, to my dismay, about an inch of water on the floor of the back passanger seat this morning, with the front only slightly wet. The area directly underneath the dash on the passangers side is dry. My father mentioned that it could be an external drian, designed to whisk water away, that is clogged with leaves or dirt. In my owners manual and the Haynes repair book I have I cant seem to locate any such drains. Im very confused and dont want to have to cut my carpet up if I dont have to. Thanks, Stevie

Oct 28, 2009.
Please, I never mention to cut your carpet.
I was refering to pull it from the floor underneeth where your feet rest from the bulkhead.
There is lot of water underneeth the carpet.
The nest place you can look will be to find the drain tube coming from below the evaporator assembly.
It may be clogged. The evaporator drain tube may be at the lower portion of the fire wall behind the A/C unit.
Look for short rubber tube, it may be clogged.

Oct 28, 2009.