2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Computer problem
2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 69,300 miles

When I changed from Park to Drive in the car, there is a hard shifting, and when on the road it has trouble changing gears. Took the car into a tranmission shop where they diagnosed the problem to be the Powertrian Control Module with code P0622. Shop told me that I need to replace the PCM which is $1K. Is that really what I need to do, or is there a simple check that I can do? Do I need to replace anything else along with the PCM and what is it and is there possibility of damage to the transmission?
October 30, 2008.

As long as they checked the generator fr circuit, the only other cause listed is a failed PCM

Oct 30, 2008.
For a grand, I would sure get a 2nd opinion. Then, taking the age of the vehicle, there has to be a used unit somewhere that has some kind of warranty. Most salvage have a national hotline they can search. As far as damage to the transission, the more you drive it, the worse it will get.

James W.
Oct 30, 2008.