2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Engine Performance problem
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 86000 miles

purchased from dealership feb 27 09. Chk engine light just came on. Runs fine, quiet, not under a warranty any longer. What could my light be on for? 1 qt over in oil, and they never changed my oil filter. Or could I just nd a tune up. And a fresh oil change/filter.
April 4, 2009.

Any sensor can trigger a code. You can disconnect your battery and clear it and then see if it pops back up.

But either way, codes don't necesarily mean something severe. Its just means something is out od specs. And if the car has X number of running cylces without the problems it'll clear itself if it is a trouble code.

Monty Stephens
Apr 8, 2009.