Mini Cooper S

My mini cooper S convertible 2006 is showing a service engine soon light, my obd2 scanner reads P1477, confusing info on the internet regarding the actual code definition.

any help? Car is running smooth no apparent malfunction, boost is OK, no apparent leaks, fast as ever.

any help regarding this particular DTC P1477 will be appreciated.
February 20, 2007.

Hello, I am just going by what I have heard and have seen online. If you can get your hands on a BENTLY Mini Cooper S 2006 repair manual that may help a little bit. Also there are two sites online that I know of that sell the scan tool for the Mini Cooper S. One is, the other is Both are really good sites that I have purchased items from personally. One more thing, I know that my wifes honda is a 2001, and I'm not sure how long it takes for them to get the scan tool in , but Auto Zone usually does a free scan of the computer codes on most cars (they scanned my wifes honda). Like I said though "most cars" they can scan, and Mini's are like the untouchables of cars, no one wants to work on them lol! but they may have the tool in by now, its worth a shot. Good luck and hoped some of the info I picked up helps.

Jun 25, 2008.
I have a CanOBD II & I with the software from Innova. When I look up that code from different manufacterers, it states it's:

Audi: EVAP LDP circuit malfunction
BMW: Leakage Diagnostic pump reed switch did not open
Chrysler: High secondary air flow
Ford: Additional fan relay circuit
Land Rover: Variable inlet manifold motor 2. Short circuit to ground/open circuit
Mazda: Same as Ford
Volkswagen: EVAP control system LDP malfunction

Most of these probably won't help you, but you can also go to for more codes by manufacturer.

Jul 1, 2008.
I am currently getting this code on my 05 mini copp s. Were u able to resolve ur problem. Still not finding much help on net w/this problem. Thanks!

Sep 30, 2010.