Mercury Tracer

I have a 1993 Mercury Tracer and the temp gage
keeps reaching hot. I have replaced the radiator and
I make sure that it has water and coolant. And I don't know what else could be causing it. I also don't
have the cap for the coolant recovery tank. Could that be the problem? And I have looked everywhere
for the recovery cap. And I have not been able to locate one. Please help!1
July 12, 2007.

Are you sure that the (electric) radiator fan is turning on when it is hot? You can try and turn your a/c on max, turn temp to max cold. When the engine is warm and running this should engage the electric fan. If not you may have a bad fuse/relay, temp. Switch, or even a bad fan. You have to eliminate 1 and go to the next. If the fan is working it could be the water pump too? Hard to tell with out being there in person. : Oops:

Dec 20, 2007.