Mercury Tracer

Hi - thanks for the help.

My battery light is on in the dash for no apparent
The alternator and belt were just replaced (because
the battery light was on, lol) and that (although
expensive) did not end the problem with the light.
Was told there is possibly an electrical problem but
I have no clue where to start looking.

Any help appreciated, thanks.
Turbo Genius
November 25, 2006.


anyone have some advice?

errr update -

didn't see this : " If you donate, we will make sure to answer your question promptly.&Quot; Sorry - I would easily donate for advice given - why would I pay for advice that I don't even have?

Swell way to run a site - might as well go to the local mechanic and have him rip me off.
Cheers - remove my membership please.

Turbo Genius
Dec 2, 2006.