1988 Mercury Tracer

WE have the repair manual for this vehicle and even though all the settings appear to be correct, there is no fuel in starting mode. It's a fuel injected engine. Any suggestions?
February 12, 2007.

I am going through the same thing with a 99 sable, I don't have the test gear to check all but a few suggestions for ya.
First under the hood find the power distribution box, it has the fuel pump relay and the fuse check em both.

Mar 5, 2007.
After going over everythign with a fine tooth comb on this car, it still won't start. We have replaced the distributor the wiring with it. It appears it may be a problem in the wiring, but the electrical sustem diagram in the repair manual doesn't match what's under the hood. In the manual, there are 2 posts, in the car there are 3. Does anyone know where I could find a copy of the system daigram that matches the enigne in the car?

Mar 12, 2007.
You say you have a manual. Would it be possible for you to scan a few items for me and post the images here or email me the pictures? Man it would be soooo helpful. My mother gas an 88 tracer that she got from her mother. So it has not been abuse and has low miles. Its not starting easy and when it does, if I touch the gas pedal, put it in gear it immediately dies. So if I can get a couple of the pages on how to check fuel pump, fuel pump relay and checking engine codes, I would be ever so greatful. Thanks. Respectfully, richard carson
oh, my email adress is: richardcarson1@yahoo. Com

Oct 22, 2012.