1994 Mercury Marquis

My car is a '94 Mercury Grand Marquis LS and I have 100,000 miles on it, I think. I need to change my fanbelt in the car. Could you please tell me how to change my fan belt in the car step-by-step if possible. Thanks! : D
November 4, 2007.

1994 has a serpentine belt, or one belt does all! Look under the hood for the routing sticker, if it's not there draw a diagram of the pulleys and routing of the belt. Get a 1/2" drive socket wrench, there should be a square hole in the tensioner pulley, if not use the correct size wrench on the nut on the pulley, pry the pulley to loosen it from the belt, I would replace the tensioner as well, reinstall the belt.

Nov 4, 2007.