Mercury Cougar

I have a95 mercury cougar; 4.6 liter engine.I have changed the fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator and it still wont start, but it is getting fuel to the fuel rail. What else could be wrong?
September 15, 2007.

Could be an ignition system problem-remove a plugwire or so-ground it to the engine while being crank over look for a spark-do you have spark? If not check the distributor pick-up or a crankshaft position sensor. What might be happening here is that the computer might not be getting a crank signal to activate the injector/s. In other words the computer don't know whether the engine is turning or what to give it fuel.

Good Luck

Sep 22, 2007.
I had a similar problem with my 91 cougar and it turned out to be a shorted out wire just 2-3 inches from the cylinoid. Use a volt meter to check continuity of all cylinoid wires. (Expecialy if you have a green wire that splits in to 2 or more) this also causes the altinator to not charge the battery

Nov 22, 2008.