1997 Mercury Cougar

Noises problem
1997 Mercury Cougar V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 123000 miles

My car still shifts and I recently got the transmission fluids flushed and a new filter in the pan. But now my car is loud I mean really loud but shifts and the rpm's are still running properly. The car also viberates when driving. When the car is not in motion there is no sound. Does this sound like the transmission is slipping or is it an issue with the catalytic converter/dual exhaust?
April 3, 2008.

When the transmission filters are changed on high mileage vehicles, it is not normal for the transmissions to go out, they are so used to the sludge they cant handle a clean filter and fluid. Try some Lucas transmission fix, if that doesn't help it take it in for a diagnosis.

Apr 4, 2008.
Well the reason I decided to have the transmission fluid and filter because it was starting to get loud and now it viberates a lot. I don't think it is the transimission but I thought once it started viberating that it had something to do with the catalytic converter. Is that assumption incorrect?

Apr 5, 2008.
The catalytic convertor wont really cause vibration unless its plugged and the engine has improper.

If it was the convertor you could give it gas in park and it should make the vibrating sound and vibrating.

Wehres the vibration coming from and the loud noise?

Clean your MAF sensor.

Apr 6, 2008.