1997 Mercedes Benz SLK320

Suspension problem
1997 Mercedes Benz SLK320 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 48000 miles

I have a ´97 slk 230, the both tires on the right side of the car are exactly 1 inch higher than the left. I measured the ride height from the rim to the fender well on each tire. I looked under but saw nothing bent or out of the ord. Can this be fixed by an alignment shop. Thanks for the help.
November 9, 2008.

First I would recheck the ride height. The proper way to measure your ride height is with wheels straight ahead. Then with your tape, measure from the ground through the middle of the rim to the fender. If your ride height is still incorrect I would suspect a suspension component is posssibly worn. Your local alignment and suspension shop should be able to handle a ride height issue in this vehicle.

Jan 3, 2009.