1990 Mercedes Benz SL500

Electrical problem
1990 Mercedes Benz SL500 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

have a 1990 sl500 had it working great then one day the soft top will not come up again. This is very sad cuz now I have it sitting in my garage. The drivers window also does not work.
November 6, 2008.

You can have a few issues that will cause a top to fail. First check the fuse for the top pump motor. If it is good and you can't here the pump running when you actuate the switch you probably have a failed convertible top pump motor. As for your window, if you run the window switch and you here nothing, then you have a failed window motor. If you hear crunching and grinding sounds when you actuate the window, then you have a failed window regulator.

Jan 3, 2009.