2001 Mercedes Benz S500

Electrical problem
2001 Mercedes Benz S500 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 80.000 miles

Hi, need help with my driverside blinker on mirror. The light will not out or blink it stay on when car is turned off, please help.
November 3, 2010.

Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much apreciated

Remove the mirror glass and check the electrical connector .. this has a tendancy to corrode oud cause a short !

Remove covering on outside rearview mirrorModel 220 up to VIN: 316716AR88.70-P-9040M
2 Unhook retaining spring (2)
3.1 Press clip (6) in direction of arrow and remove mirror glass (1)
Installation: First hook in mirror glass (1) at bottom with retaining lugs (5) into retaining pockets (arrows) on drive.
Observe support springs (4).
3.2 Remove mirror glass (1) from driveModel 220 as of VIN: 316717
4 Disconnect coupling (3)
5 Install in the reverse order

Dave H
Nov 4, 2010.
Hi Dave, thanks for your responds took entire mirror apart, glass off dismounted from door reconnected everything I had the same result, I even tried only connecting the wire that go to signal same results light stays on looks like its trying to blink but dose not go out, thanks 2big.

Nov 9, 2010.