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Make: Mercedes Benz
Model: ML320
Year: 2000
Mileage: 41,000
Dear Car Pro’s and brilliant Auto-Mechanics: I really appreciate your help in advance for any solutions to this annoying problem.
This car’s engine intermittently stalls when it’s being slowed down at a stop sign or a turn. The stalling only occurs when the engine has reached operating temperature (15-20 min driving). It stalls very quietly with NO jerking, shaking, surging or choking. It seems as soon as driver foot leaves the accelerator paddle, at low speed, the engine stalls. Most of the time after stalling the engine starts up right away, but sometimes it just cranks. After 30 min waiting or when engine get cooler, it starts every time.
I am the only owner of this car. It’s been well maintained and cared for. It never had any problem until this happen three weeks ago. I have replaced spark plugs, air filter, fuel pump relay and mass air flow meter with no good result to this problem. Dealer’s diagnostic results only offer a long list of parts replacement with no guarantee of solving the issue.
Few members in this forum have posted the similar issue with their Mercedes Benz. There got be one or few brilliant Auto-mechanics out there have seen and solved this problem before. Help from you expertise will very much appreciated by all.

Thanks in advance
March 2, 2006.

My 99 ML320 started exhibiting the the behaviour described about 8 weeks ago. I' ve had it looked at (non-dealer) but have not been able to resolve the problem. One theory involved the transponder in the key fob - new key still stalls. Antoher teory was the ignition switch - new switch still stalls.

I was thinking that the mass flow might be the issue but after seeing your post it looks like I may be able to rule that out.

My M-class has 80K miles and has been very well kept.

Maybe the throttle position sensor?


Mar 9, 2006.
Checkout the Crankshaft Position Sensor. This can fail and " usually" will NOT throw a " Check Engine Light" code.

Once the sensor cools back down the car starts and runs fine.

Pretty common problem.

Mass Airflow Sensors have problems as well, but they usually will throw fuel trim error codes and your " Check Engine Light" will illuminate.

Hope this helps

Apr 5, 2006.