1999 Mercedes Benz ML430

Computer problem
1999 Mercedes Benz ML430 V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 157000 miles

How do you clear or turn of the wrench light on my dash? It shows the wrench and 2400 after it.

updated 2/2/09
Performed application as instructed. Wrench light is still on and shows -2400 as before.
January 26, 2009.

1. Turn vehicle on (engine not running) and press the trip/odometer reset button 2x within 1 sec.
(current service status will be displayed)
2. Within 10 sec. Turn key to off position
3. Press and hold the trip/odometer reset button
4. After approx 10 sec. Of holding the reset button, the counter will reset and read 10,000 miles.

Jan 29, 2009.
Please try the following to remedy the light: 1. Turn vehicle on (engine not running and all dash lights on). Again push the tripometer reset button twice. Press and hold down reset, keep this depressed for the remainder of this instruction.
2. Turn the vehicle off and then back on to the prior position within 10 sec.
(the service screen should not change during this process)
3. Continue holding the button until the service counter resets.

Feb 2, 2009.