2000 Mercedes Benz CLK320

Electrical problem
2000 Mercedes Benz CLK320 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 55000 miles

Hello, our CLK320 has a window problem. On occasion the window switch will not raise the window but it will lower it. Have pressing the window switch multiple times the window advances up about at inch at a time. I have replaced the switches. The rear windows work great. Is it the motor or is there some kind of relay or regulator involved. Thanks
May 17, 2010.

Sounds like you may have a window motor going out. Usually if the regulator is bad, it wont work at all, up or down. If you use your hand and help the window will it go up?If so I would go after the window motor. May also want to try using a meter to measure the voltage out of the switch just to be sure you have a full 12 volts

May 18, 2010.