2001 Mercedes Benz C180

Noises problem
2001 Mercedes Benz C180 Automatic 79000 miles


Wheat can be the cause of rattling noise on pressing and realsing accelarator. This rattling is audible on both D (fwd) and R (reverse).

Location of noise is from underneath the accelarator.
i was told it is probably the catalytic converter.

the car emissions were okay a week ago in the recent test. How urgent do I need the cat changed? If I keep on driving can it damage the engine?

no engine management light is on, car mpg is okay.

can I use a universal cat converter in my car?


January 29, 2009.

I can almost guarantee that this is your catalytic converter rattling.
You can wait until the check engine light sets but you won't damage the engine with it the way it is.
You will though, begin to see decreased fuel economy and power.
As far as a universal cat goes, I would recommend a MB cat but if that's too much (and they are expensive usually $1000-1500) you may consider aftermarket one's specifically made for your vehicle.

Jan 29, 2009.