2003 Mercedes Benz 430e

Electrical problem
2003 Mercedes Benz 430e V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 174885 miles

Why doesn't my trunk open when when I activate the inside trunk release switch or press the trunk release on my remote key?

The trunk will not raise up when activated with the remote key or the interior trunk release switch. I installed new batteries in both remotes and this does not make a difference. However, I can hear a click inside the trunk when pressing the trunk release on the remote. When I open the trunk manually it is hard to raise up. However when I press the red closure switch on the inside of the trunk it closes as it should.
December 27, 2008.

Hi, your car has rear pressurized shocks that force the lid up, when these " lift supports" fail the lid will not raise. Replace the lift shocks with new and the problem will be fixed.

2CarPros Ken
Dec 27, 2008.