1985 Mercedes Benz 300td

Electrical problem
1985 Mercedes Benz 300td 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 201, 00 miles

It unlocked and opened and then 2 minutes later would not. When you put key in drivers side and open and it is suppose to open all locks. You see the lock start to open and then see it go back down. How can one fix this please? Would really appreciate an answer.
Thank You
March 21, 2009.

The locks on a Mercedes are controlled by vacuum, you either have a vacuum leak, or the mechanism in the driver's door has malfunctioned, I am talking about the lock of the drivers door, the actuator may have malfunctioned, check to make sure you have no vacuum leaks, and that your vacuum pump is working, then remove the driver's side door panel, and made sure the actuator is working properly, and there is no bad vacuum lines.

Dr Loot
Mar 25, 2009.