1983 Mercedes Benz 300sd

Tires and Wheels problem
1983 Mercedes Benz 300sd Two Wheel Drive Automatic

I would like to jazz up from my stock rims. Is there a list of rims from other cars and car makers that will fit onto my car with out going to the after market and paying big bucks.

I would rather buy from the junk yard and save money but do not know what rims will fit my car from other cars.

Could I use a 15'' rim from another benz or car maker and go with a lower profile tire to stay within the required height. If so what whould that be or where would I find the info.

Please advise. Joe
October 23, 2008.

I would suggest you find another Mercedes wheel you like. They will have the correct backspacing to not rub and will fit properly. Try tire/wheel shops. They usually have " take offs" from newer cars for a great price and will throw one on there so you can seeif you like it

Oct 24, 2008.
I have already thought of that: I am looking for specific answers. Answers with exact direct aplications. Not another fishing trip. I came to this venue to pick someones brain and get an exact answer.

Can any one help with direct knowlage.

Thanks Joe

Oct 29, 2008.