1981 Mercedes Benz 300sd

Electrical problem
1981 Mercedes Benz 300sd 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 205000 miles

So, about a week ago my automatic locks stopped working. My key only opens MY door. I went to put diesel in the car yesterday and realized that I cant!
My car stalled twice on the way to work. I have no clue what it is. I mean obviously its electrical/fuse, but I am clueless, and my car wants diesel!
January 23, 2009.

It is not electrical problems you are experiencing, it's a vacuum problem, the doors the trunk and the fuel door access, are operated by vacuum, you have either have a bad vacuum pump, or you just had it in for an oil change, and they knocked some vacuum line loose by the oil filter, check and make sure all your vacuum lines are connected, inside the trunk if you remove the right side courtesy panel, you'll find a manual access, to the fuel door.

Dr Loot
Mar 6, 2009.