1984 Mercedes Benz 190d

Electrical problem
1984 Mercedes Benz 190d Two Wheel Drive Manual

Hi, at first I thought it was the glow plugs, but when I send it to the garage for check up the guy told me that the glow plugs are good and he the problem may be electrical.
1. The glow light in the car doesn't go on.
2. It start when cranking with the throttle pedal push down.
3. There was one time I was driving and the light went on.
Now it doesn't start at all.
Now I don't know which replacement part to buy, can you help me with this? Thanks.
August 27, 2010.

Your possibilities here could be the glow plug module, low engine compression, fuel delivery-check fuel filter, air in the system, and the injection pump

Aug 27, 2010.