1996 Mazda Truck

Electrical problem
1996 Mazda Truck 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 62000 miles

This morning (freezing temps) with only a light frost, I presses the wiper/washer button on the switch. The wipers went to the vertical position and stopped. I cleared the windshield by hand and when I got to work, the wiper motor was hot. I pulled the fuses out one-by-one but they all looked good. 9 hours later I turned the key to accessories position and the wipers went to park position but don't work. On the way home I noticed the speedometer and dome lights aren't working. Also, the driver's power window - before I pressed it to go down and it would automatically go all the way down. Now it travels only for as long as I hold it (I do like it better this way). Is there a magic reset button? : )
December 18, 2007.

For those of you who are waiting on pins and needles - It was a GEM module behind the console - part(s) and labor $400

Dec 27, 2007.