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I just Bought my 06 mazda 6i about 5 months ago I started to hear some kocking coming from the engine compartment at 9k miles so I took the car in, they said that it was lower engine knocking and it was caused by my lack of chainging the oil, now I know it should have been done at 7500 but I figured it would be ok and I was very busy so I held off a little, anyways they say they wont fix it under my warranty and it will need a new engine. I was wondering if there was anything I could do and if it really was my fault or a faulty engine?
September 13, 2006.

Bitch at them more. They should cover it-this time, BUT you are responsible to do the oil changes at the proper times. NOT when you have time, there is no reason why you can have you oil changes done on time (OR early! OH my GOD!)

Cosmo. Mazda Tech

Sep 14, 2006.
If you've been neglectin the oil changes, the knocking is probably due to worn out engine bearings which is very bad news.

Oct 24, 2006.