Mazda Miata

Mazda miata
85,000 miles
2.0L 4 cyl Fuel Injection

Q: the battery light in my car was on for awhile and a friend of mine told me this was because my alternator was going bad. I was lazy about getting it checked and then the car just died COMPLETELY, nothing, no power, nothing at all like the car has died. Is this my alternator? If the alternator has dies, will the car act like a corpse?
April 17, 2007.

Because the alternator kill the battery-now you need a battery before we can tell that alternator is not putting out-maybe just a connection probably. The engine has to be running before we can tell the alternator is no good.

HTH-Good Luck

Apr 17, 2007.
Thanks, but u said alternator killed th battery, so we need new battery to check alernator. Am confused. Was it the alterator that killed the batery? What does the battery light on mean? Can that mean alernator?

Apr 18, 2007.
When the alternator is defective it will not recondition the battery, therefore the battery loses its electrical pressure and nothing will happen whether your turn a key or hit a switch-nada

Also might be a sulfated battery refusing to take a charge.

Apr 18, 2007.