1996 Mazda b3000

Transmission problem
1996 Mazda b3000 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

What I've done so far: Removed all bell housing bolts.
Disconnected tranny lines to radiator. Removed Speedometer cable. Removed Drive shaft. Removed all electrical plugs to tranny. Removed outer bolts on rear cross member but not tranny bolts yet. Pull dip stick out but having a hard time pulling fill tube. (Suggestions?)

Something else seems to be holding it. I cant get it to slide back at all. Also looks like I might have to remove front cross member that has suspension arms attached
to it.(Pitman arms?) And Exhaust might have to be removed. Maybe even motor mounts? Also do I need to remove torque converter bolts?
July 12, 2009.

HI there, Thank you for the donation,

You are on the right path with what you are doing, the dip stick tube will pull out it is tight, the torque converter must be unbolted and you can remove the exhaust to give your self extra working room, see text for R&R procedures & torques.

Mark (Mhpautos)

Jul 13, 2009.