1962 Mazda 626

HELP we bought a 1996 Mazda V6 626 for my daughter. We have a new water pump, and recenlty flushed everything due to an overheating issue. Now I have while smoke out the tail pipe and everyone is saying craked head gasket. UGH! Can I fix this myself and is this a hard problem to get to. I have to much money in this car to just let it go and start over with another used vehicle,
Lost in Mazda pain!
December 19, 2006.

It sounds like a head gasket. You can get someone to test for combustion gases in coolant to veriefy. If it is a head gasket nothing can be done other than replacing gasket.

Dec 20, 2006.
Well this is a really big job to replace the head gaskets. And that is if the heads are ok on the motor. The head gaskets used on a V6 626 motor are a three piece steel gasket, so a cracket gasket might not be the problem. You may have warped a head. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on that matter.

Removing one head is just as hard as removing both heads on this motor. Ie if you do one, might as well do the other. At this point it might almost be better to find a good low milage used motor and put it in. Might cost less for the labor and engine than pay 5 hours to remove the heads and find that the castings are no good.

Cosmo. Mazda TEch

Dec 20, 2006.