1996 Mazda 626

My car is making a clicking/rattling sound when turning hard left and accelerating simoultaneously. If I let up the accelerator in the turn the sound disappears. The frequency of the rattling seems to follow the wheel rotation speed. Can also feel slight vibration in the steering wheel when the sound is present. Suspected failed outer CV-joint, so I replaced it with a new one, but no cure. : (
Any ideas on what to check next, anyone?
626 v6 & l4
December 17, 2006.

I'm replying myself on this one : idea: After the heat from the head dissipated, logic thinking started to function again. The sound appeared to be from the left hand side, but what else could make that kind of sound? Nothing else than the outer CV-joint actually, so I went to the local auto-shop and bought a new CV-joint boot, clamps, spring circlip and grease, and started the process of replacing the right hand side CV-joint with the one I took off left hand side. After 2, 5 hours of work, a test drive, and voilĂ, no more sound : D : D : D
In other words, never trust your ears too much.

626 v6 & l4
Dec 19, 2006.