Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln, Town Car, 1995, 50,000, 4.6L

I am having a problem with my air suspension, the " check air suspension" light will come on within 10 seconds of me starting the car. The compressor no longer turns on. I checked all of the fuses in the fuse box and none are blown. I jacked the car up to checked the bags and they looked fine, but after I jacked it up the car stayed almost the same height. The trunk switch was in the ON position, but I figured it wouldent make a difference seeing as though the compressor would not turn on anyway. The next day the car was just a little above normal ride height, so I jacked the car up again, this time with the switch in the OFF position, and the car stayed up like that for about 4 or 5 hours. I am curious if their are any soultions I can do myself or if I should take it to a local mechanic/Lincoln dealer. Thanks for the help!
August 4, 2007.

You can get the code read and it will tell you where to start. Probably the ride hight sensor if the car doesn't level itself anymore.

Aug 12, 2007.
I am having the same problem, I have a Haynes manuel but it doesn't explain much about the Air Ride suspension system. Where is the hight sensor located at. Just wondering also if it might not be less expensive to convert it over to regular shocks. What do you think?

Oct 7, 2007.
The hieght sensor, adjuster is on the rear axle and bolts to the car body, see if either end came off the brackett!

Oct 23, 2007.
Im still wondering how the car stayed up when you jacked the car up with the swich off, it might have a bad compresser, see if it has power when it suppose to, at the air pump.