1996 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 96 Lincoln Town Car with about 130,000 miles on it. The other day I noticed a coolant smell. I popped the hood and seen a small bypass hose under the intake pulsating coolant out of the rear of the hose. ( Rear meaning towards the firewall ). There is also coolant leaking from the dust cover of the tranny. Could the coolant be running down the block to the dust cover? If it is the hose, what is it called so that I can ask for it at an auto parts store? And to fix it myself, how do I get to it? Thank you for your time.
June 23, 2007.

The Lower Heater hose is not easy to get to.(Dont know why Lincoln put it under the intake manifold, stupid design)but I just finished replaceing mine and let me tell you it was the longest 5 hours of work I'll never do again, You have to unplug all the electrical connectors on the engine, remove the alternator, remove the plastic wiring case that sits on the intake manifold, remove the intake manifold, and your there, but its not easy////if your mechanically inclined you'll do it with no problem. BUT IF YOUR AN AVERAGE DO IT YOURSELF'R I SUGGEST GETTING AN ENGINE MANUAL, ITS NOT THE DIFFICULT JUST TIME CONSUMING. Hope that info helps.

Jul 8, 2007.
You can take the molded heater hose that goes from the core to the pipe and put it on the nipple that comes out of the water pump. The curve of the hose will allow you to put a hose coupling in the end of it and then run the heater hose over the top of the motor.

Nov 1, 2007.