2005 Lincoln Town Car

Interior problem
2005 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 13,250 miles

I purchased a preowned 2005 Lincoln Town Car.
When driving the car I encounter symptons of a facial rash, watery eyes. These symptons are more pronounced when the engine reaches temperature and with the HVAC system on.

PS: Your assit on this mater is appreciated


December 9, 2008.

I am not a pro mechanic Just my 2 cents worth.
" Shooting from the hip" (HVAC) If I understand correctly this occurs using heat OR AC? (Both)?
Is there an odor with heat and or AC?
If so, sweet like antifreeze or musty like mold/mildew, chemical/ oil / exhaust?
With heat, Ac and blower shut off any problem?
" Pre owned" Could this be a car from a flood?
If musty consider running the car heater and blower on max for 30+ min all windows down in your driveway on max temp (NOT WITH YOU IN THE CAR) to dry and kill off molds/mildews?
If you are getting a rash consider NOT DRIVING THE CAR UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS RESOLVED!
Keep in mind what you have described could be a serious health risk!
Park the car with all windows down for some time.
How about pet dander> cat or dog " Pre owned" Clean/ shampoo? This can get into duct work, carpet, headliner and seats.

Rick 08
Dec 10, 2008.
The smell seems to be chemical in nature. The odor was not as bad in nice weather when I was able to have the windows down. I wiped the carpets and mats down with a mild detergent solution but this did not help. The undercarrage does not have a lot of mud on it. The carpets are not wet so there are no leaks in the car. I do not feel I have an alergy towards leather. Is it possible that I have a reaction toward something the car was made with.

I would hate to give up on this car.



Dec 10, 2008.