1999 Lincoln Town Car

Electrical problem
1999 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 125000 miles

The blower motor was intermittant. Now it doesn't work on heat or A/C. I assumed the motor was bad, but I jumped it to the battery first and it works fine.
I checked the power lead to the blower and find 5 v on high setting. When I have someone press the control for slower fan speed, the volts drop about 1 volt each time. I can't find a book for my year Towncar. I do have a manual for 87 to 97. It talks about checking the blower motor resistors and shows a picture, on the older ones being on the fire wall. I couldn't find any.
Could the probem be in the control module on the dash? Or. Could I have a loose connection? Either in a wiring connection or onto the control module itself?
Would that be likley to cause a voltage drop to 5 volts and why it was intermittant?
Tom Richardson
April 25, 2010.

Hi Tom Richardson, Welcome to 2carpros and TY for the donation

Your probable causes here could be the blower motor speed controller or the electronic automatic temperature control module behind center of dash

Apr 25, 2010.
Thanks Rasmataz!
I still haven't resolved the problem on the blower motor issue. I did replace the electronic temperature contriol module in the center of the dash, to no avail!
Where do I find the blower motor speed controller?
Also, bear in mind. I get a 5 Volt reading from the pigtail that goes to the blower motor when the fan is on high, as the temp is selected lower, the voltage drops about 1 volt each time. The blower runs fine when jumped to the battery.
Also, is there a blower motor resistor in this year vehicle?
Before it quit entirely, the blower was intermittent.
Thanks for your help!
PS I imagine the intermittant running of the blower could be that it ran somewhat on the lower voltage sometimes.

Tom Richardson
May 5, 2010.
The blower motor speed controller is in right rear of engine compartment on evaporator. Note: the speed controller takes the place of the blower resistor.



Disconnect the wire harness connector.
Drain the cooling system below the heater hoses.

Disconnect the heater hose.

4 Remove the screws and remove the blower motor speed Control.

May 5, 2010.
Question before I start.
Does the blower motor speed controll sit in an air plenum? Or is it in the coolant?
So. Is it necessary for the coolant to be drained down to change the ms control?

Tom Richardson
May 5, 2010.
That is what alldata auto references for removal procedures I've never done one on this vehicle-sorry

May 5, 2010.