1997 Lincoln Town Car

Smells problem
1997 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 212000 miles

when vehicle is moving there is a strong gas odor
more so when 1 window is put down or ac is placed on max fan high
i have checked the fuel lines and tank - short of pulling them out all looks ok with no indication of leaking
a friend suggested the vapor recovery may have some sort of canister with with pellets/?
that may not be venting/filtering properly?
does my vehicle have something like this?
if so where might it be - physical location
June 12, 2010.

Hi southwick, Welcome to 2carpros and TY for the donation

It has a charcoal canister see no.7 below

Jun 13, 2010.
Where is the canister physically located?
In the trunk?

Jun 13, 2010.
Its on front of the engine compartment on the frame


Raise vehicle on hoist. Use proper vehicle lifting procedures.
Remove bolts retaining evaporative emission canister.
Partially lower evaporative emissions canister and disconnect evaporative emission and brake tube from cannister.

Follow removal procedure in reverse order.
Tighten nuts to 34-46 Nm (25-33 lb ft).
Perform system leak check as follows: Disconnect and plug fuel tank filler pipe shield leading to the evaporative emissions canister at the evaporative emission canister purge valve.
Plug vent at the evaporative emissions canister.
Using Rotunda Leak Tester 134-00003 or equivalent, pressurize the fuel system through the test fuel tank filler cap.
Verify that the pressure within the system does not decay.
If pressure does decay, determine the cause of the leak and repair.
Remove plugs and reconnect fuel tank filler pipe shield to the evaporative emission canister purge valve.

Jun 13, 2010.
Did this cure our problem? If not, what did? I have the same car with 148k on it, same problem.

Sep 16, 2012.