1994 Lincoln Town Car

Engine Mechanical problem
1994 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 200, 00 miles

I just replaced my 4.6 liter 1994 engine. The new one is great, but the mechanic used my old dipstick, and it seems to be too short, because it shows no oil when I try to check it. My question is " Did they make a change in the newer 4.6 engines that make the old dipstick useless? The new dipstick is lower down on the side of the engine than the old one was. Thanks"
January 24, 2009.

It all should be the same
if different oil pan was used that might make a difference
if a new tube was used need new dip stick
check if the dip stick tube was installed all the way down
check for any oil leak or burning

Jan 25, 2009.