1990 Lincoln Town Car

Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 74000 miles

car wont start code 'CO' displayed on insterment panal
Will marrs
August 28, 2009.

Run this to read the codes, if it cranks but wont start, it is probably in the computed timing circuit.
The connector has the odd shaped plug, and a single wire with a plug, use a piece or wire and jump the lsingle wire to the top right at the small end of the odd plug, then turn the key on and count the flashes. This gives dtc's The tool and manual for it gives more dtailed testing options though, and all parts store sell it. Do this and count the flashes...Count the flashes, a 22 will flash as 2 flashes then a short pause, then 2 flashes, if more than one code is stored, the pause will be longer. The codes will display three times and end with 11 or 111. Write them down and post here. First do this with the ke on engine off, then again with it running.

Aug 28, 2009.