1988 Lincoln Town Car

Can you take the motor from a 1988 lincoln LSC 5.0 HO (with a one belt system) and put it in a 1986 Town car 5.0 EFI (with two-belt system) with no major modifications or changes? : |

I was wondering because I bought a 86 town car that ended up needing a new motor. I already have a LSC with a PERFECTLY good runnig motor. A mechanic told me he could change it with no problem, but now there are many complications and they have my money and have screwed me out of two cars
October 5, 2007.

You are going to have to change the computer and entire wiring harness among other things. It is a HUGE job, good luck.

Oct 5, 2007.
Thanks for the info. I think these people have just took my money and threw something together. They are not going to want to hear this info. The guy already told me he doesn't mess with electrical. If they do it, they'll probally want to charge me for the labor, but I dont trust these people anymore with my car. I wouldnt let them so much as put air in muy tire for a quater after all I've been thru. My car has been in their shop since July and they cant figure out the problem.(Why its missing!) I'm ready to get my money back and my cars and go elsewhere! Any suggestions?

Oct 8, 2007.