1985 Lincoln Other

Hey guys im coming to u guys cuz I need ur help once more. The lincoln I have right now has a tendency to shoot out black smoke when I push the car to the limit. Some people told me its a sensor others that its the gas/oil. Which is it. Any answer would b greatly appreciated.
April 14, 2007.

Hello I have an 88 lincoln with 183000 when I stomp on it it scats with no promblem. Now have you had your o2 sensor change that the one on the manifold you have 2 if you havent change those it is the sensor which controls the computer in the car sending out faulty info causing the black smoke before your spend the money on that part you also what I do is check with your local lincoln dealer they give the info you need that what I do when I have a problem with mine that whats keeping it running so good good luck

May 16, 2009.