1984 Lincoln Mark VII

Electrical problem
1984 Lincoln Mark VII V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 150, 00 miles

although primitive---this car the MARK VII has a plug for analysis and error codes----can anyone please tell me what or where I can get a device that plugs into this ---so I can read the error codes? And what the error codes mean? I would SURE appreciate it!

the car runs so smooth and beautifully---but now it just stops running---and willl not start only random or luck it will start again and run again smooth as glass for a while---but I dont dare take it out on the roadi might get stranded---there is no signs of it flooding and I checked to see if the coil is getting power and it is---but it acts like something electrical just " turns off" ---- and no signs of anything shorting out charging system is fine too-- its just acts like its an electrical " break" of current. I would think if it were fuel related it might even sputter a bit or sort of slowly DIE---but no---this car just dies clean and fast---like I turned the key off---

THANK YOU SO MUCH if you can help---its a great little car!

August 28, 2009.

The connector has the odd shaped plug, and a single wire with a plug, use a piece or wire and jump the lsingle wire to the top right at the small end of the odd plug, then turn the key on and count the flashes. This gives dtc's The tool and manual for it gives more dtailed testing options though, and all parts store sell it. Do this and count the flashes...Count the flashes, a 22 will flash as 2 flashes then a short pause, then 2 flashes, if more than one code is stored, the pause will be longer. The codes will display three times and end with 11 or 111. Write them down and post here. First do this with the ke on engine off, then again with it running.

Ford ignition modules can do this!

Aug 28, 2009.
I have two of these cars a 90 and an 84 and my 84 did the same thing and it was the control module on the distributor it mounts right on the dist. And most parts stores can test them if its that they genraly run about $40 and yes they can work intermitently for short periods of time I hope this helps you with your problem as its a common one on fords.

Dec 22, 2009.
RobertdavisIV I agree about the ignition module(TFI), and I did mention it in my post! Since this post was in August, I think it's fixed by now!

Dec 24, 2009.