2000 Lincoln LS

Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Lincoln LS 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 102, 00 miles

I am looking for a timing chain diagram to show the marks on the gears for the Lincoln LS 3.0 Duratec. I have one for the Taurus 3.0 Duratec but it does not seem right. I bring the #1 piston to TDC and the crank gear is at 11: 00 position. When I place the cams with the marks as they are shown in the diagram for the Taurus 3.0 Duratec engine, the exhaust valves hit the piston on the LH side of the engine. The engine is on a stand and I do not force the cams around to avoid damaging the valves. Do you have a Diagram of timing marks for the Lincoln LS 3.0 Duratec 2000? Thanks.
October 21, 2008.


CAUTION:Rotating the crankshaft in a counterclockwise direction may cause engine damage. Crankshaft journals are directionally machined. Rotating the crankshaft counterclockwise can raise burrs on bearing surfaces, reducing engine life. Verify that the crankshaft keyway is in the nine o'clock position.

CAUTION:The crankshaft keyway must remain in the nine o'clock position until the cams are located, or damage to the valves may occur. Rotate the LH and RH intake and exhaust camshafts to locate them in their neutral positions.

Oct 22, 2008.
I need the timing chain settings for the lincoln ls 3.9 v8 with the primary and secondary chains. You have the picture for v6

Feb 28, 2010.