1994 Lincoln Continental

Electrical problem
1994 Lincoln Continental 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 75000 miles

He my problem is my headlights are aways on even if my ignition is at off, I have to remove the fuse because the headlights stays on and I have a magic eye for headlights to come on when it gets dark

Please I hope you can help me
thanks in advance
January 31, 2009.

ARTICLE BEGINNING DESCRIPTION The autolamp system provides automatic on-off control of the headlights in addition to normal headlight switch operation. The system includes a delay feature which keeps the headlights on for a pre-selected time period after ignition is turned off. Major components of the system are a photocell/amplifier assembly, a headlight control relay, and an on-off switch with an integral time delay control (potentiometer). OPERATION The headlight switch must be in the OFF position and the autolamp control switch must be in the ON position for automatic operation. The photocell must be exposed to ambient light to operate properly. Time delay can be varied up to 4 1/2 minutes before lights turn off automatically. Turning autolamp control switch away from OFF position increases time headlights are on after ignition is turned off. ADJUSTMENTS PHOTOCELL/AMPLIFIER The Photocell/amplifier assembly (located below defroster grill) is equipped with an adjustment screw, which is marked with directions and amount of rotation required to reset system to turn on earlier or later than manufacturer setting. TESTING & DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM OPERATIONAL CHECK 1. Ensure lens of photocell/amplifier assembly is clean and unobstructed. Ensure a clean, tight ground connection exists for circuit No. 57 (Black wire) of autolamp control switch. Ensure autolamp relay connector is properly attached to relay. 2. Set autolamp control switch to OFF position. Turn headlights on with headlight switch. If lights do not operate, check and correct standard headlight circuit. 3. If standard headlights work okay, check autolamp fuse. See AUTOLAMP FUSE LOCATION table. If fuse is okay, check power and ground circuits. See WIRING DIAGRAMS section. If power and ground circuits are okay, test relay and control switch. AUTOLAMP FUSE LOCATION NOTE: Refer to WIRING DIAGRAMS section for connector terminal ID NOTE: When cause of system malfunction is unknown, perform following procedure to isolate problem. Page 1 of 3 AUTOLAMP SYSTEM -1994 Lincoln Continental Executive 1/31/2009
AUTOLAMP RELAY TEST 1. Locate and remove autolamp relay. See AUTOLAMP RELAY LOCATION table. Using a DVOM, check for continuity between terminals "D" and "E", and terminals "B" and "C" on relay. See Fig. 1 . If continuity does not exist, go to next step. If continuity does exist, replace relay. 2. Apply battery voltage to terminal "A" and ground terminal "F". With battery power applied, check for continuity between terminals "D" and "E", and terminals "B" and "C" on relay. See Fig. 1 . If continuity does not exist, replace relay. If continuity does exist, relay is okay. Fig. 1: Identifying Autolamp Relay Terminals Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO. AUTOLAMP RELAY LOCATION AUTOLAMP CONTROL SWITCH TEST On-Off Function Unplug connector from control switch. Connect ohmmeter leads to Purple/Orange wire and Black wire terminals on switch. Set control switch to full ON position. If continuity does not exist, replace autolamp control switch. If resistance is less than 5.0 ohms, go to next step. Time Delay Function With autolamp control switch connector unplugged, connect ohmmeter leads to Black wire and Dark Blue/Orange wire terminals on switch. Check resistance of switch while operating delay function. Resistance should steadily change between 3000-200,000 ohms. If switch does not function properly replace switch. REMOVAL & INSTALLATION AUTOLAMP RELAY Application Location & No. Continental Underdash Fuse Panel - No. 18 Application Location Continental Behind Center Of Instrument Panel, On Relay Bracket CAUTION: When battery is disconnected, vehicle computer and memory systems may lose memory data. Driveability problems may exist until computer systems have completed a relearn cycle. See COMPUTER RELEARN PROCEDURES article in GENERAL INFORMATION before disconnecting battery. Page 2 of 3 AUTOLAMP SYSTEM -1994 Lincoln Continental Executive 1/31/2009
Removal & Installation See AUTOLAMP RELAY LOCATION table under TESTING & DIAGNOSIS. Disconnect battery ground cable. Remove retaining screws. Unplug connector. Remove relay. To install, reverse removal procedure. LIGHT SENSOR/AMPLIFIER ASSEMBLY Removal & Installation Light sensor/amplifier assembly is located behind upper left of instrument panel. Remove instrument panel upper finish panel. Remove retaining screws and light sensor/amplifier. Unplug electrical connector. To install, reverse removal procedure. AUTOLAMP SWITCH Removal & Installation Autolamp switch is located at top left of instrument panel. Remove headlight switch knob. Remove molding and unsnap finish panel. Pull autolamp control switch and attached wiring from panel opening. Unplug connector. To install, reverse removal procedure. WIRING DIAGRAM For Autolamp System wiring diagrams, see WIRING DIAGRAMS section. NOTE: Autolamp switch is serviced from front of instrument panel. Page 3 of 3 AUTOLAMP SYSTEM -1994 Lincoln Continental Executive 1/31/2009 src="" alt="" />

Jan 31, 2009.
Maaaaaaaan. The 1st dude is giving u way 2 much info. On the left side of your dash board where u cut on the lights. There's a black box that thee off & on switch is encased in . It needs 2b replaced. I had lights not cutting off in the pass. I installed a used 1 from the junkyard @ $500 a pop brand new. $50 bucks @ the junkyard is not a bad do ! Lol gd luck ! P.S. Take the cover off the dash 2 expose the screws

Jan 31, 2009.
Thanks dude brown! Never got any complaints for TOO much info b4!

Jan 31, 2009.