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Electrical problem
2006 Other Lexus Models 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 75000 miles

On my 2006 Lexus RX330 AWD the power window buttons on the driver door will not operate the RF, RR, and LR window. If you unlock from the lock mode, you can operate the windows with the buttons on the individual doors, but not from the drivers door.
The driver window works, but when you close it, it always closes fully, then immediately opens about 1" and stops. The only way I found to close it, is to ease it shut a little at a time till its shut then it stays.
Your suggestions will be much appreciated.
December 29, 2007.

Hey guys.
I found part of the problem. The 3 windows now work from the drivers door. I found the answer on pg 65 of the owners manual, under if the power windows do not operate automatically. I followed the instructions and presto they work.
I tried the same procedure on the drivers window, but it still insists on lowering itself @ 1" after closing fully. Acts like there's something in the door frame.
Any suggestions?

Dec 29, 2007.
Sounds like the stop or park point is off, you may need a new motor, unless you can get the gear parts someplace.

Dec 29, 2007.
I called my Lexus dealer spoke with a tech. He said it sounds like its outa time and told me to remove the motor from the regulator, run the motor in auto mode till it stops, then remount it and it should work. After much toil, I got that accomplished, but still no diff. As I was trying it I heard the micro switches ticking in the switch block, so on a hunch, I unplugged the switch block wires, and reconnected it. Presto, it works ever since. Thats seems to be what it took to reinitialize the system. Had I known that to start with, I could have pulled the switch without even pulling the door panel, unplugged it and gotten on with life.
So much for that, hope it helps someone else.

Dec 31, 2007.
I know this is an old thread, but my 2004 RX330 driver window is dropping half way each time I auto up. I tried the manual recommended fix, but it didn't work. Where is the " switch box" that I should try unplugging. I'm not a mechanic, so please gear your answer for a rookie. Thanks!

Jul 29, 2009.