2004 Lexus ES 330

Electrical problem
2004 Lexus ES 330 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 39900 miles

Both of my rear windows do not operate up or down from either the control at the specific door or the drivers master panel. Both windows " went out" at the same time. I've checked the fuses for both and they are fine. The service tech at my local dealer suggested they needed to be " reset.&Quot; To reset the window I was told to simply hold the control button at the door in the down position for several seconds. This, of course, did nothing. The car has not had a battery change or any disruption in power supply. I can't fathom that both window motors went out at the exact same time. It is as though I'm not getting any power to either motor. Everything else works fine. Any help or ideas would be great.
February 9, 2009.

Hi haupt,

Thank you for the doantion.

The power windows uses large-scale body multiplex conmmunications and for diagnostics, a scanner is required.

However the symptoms described are most likely to be caused by a faulty Driver Master switch assy. You would need to do diagnostics to verify the cause.

Feb 9, 2009.
So, this " reset" statement by the service tech at Lexus was bogus? Are there any other fuses that may also affect the windows?

Feb 9, 2009.
Not to say they are bogus. The reset would be required if the windows operates erratically and in your case it is not working so does not apply. There are quite a number of fuses that might affect the system and I have the schematic here for you to check through.

If the fuses are ok, then you would have to get onto a diagnostic to find the cause.

Feb 10, 2009.
Press the window down switch on the Master Switch for the rear window and slamp the rear door hard or have someone tap on the window motor. This will cause the window motor to run again. Then you need to perform a updated TSB on the window run. Or else the window will get stuck again.

Feb 23, 2009.